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KS capacitive sensors

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KS capacitive sensors - high precision under difficult operating conditions

Capacitive Sensors

WayCon Positionsmesstechnik has extended its product portfolio with the product series of KS capacitive sensors. These sensors are used for contactless measurement using the capacitive principle and are suitable for use with metallic and non-metallic objects.

The measuring range of the KS sensors ranges from 50 m to 10 mm, and the sensors produce extremely high resolution readings in the nanometre range. The measuring accuracy remains unaffected even when operating at temperatures up to 200 Grad Celsius. KS distance sensors are even suitable for use in the most extreme operating conditions: Measurements in radioactive or high vacuum surroundings are just as possible as measurements at close to 0 Grad Kelvin.

KS sensors are of specific importance for measurements of case hardened shafts in the engineering industry, as their microstructural fluctuations do not play a role. Further classical uses are for dynamic measurements on turbines and motors and for tolerance verification of mass-produced parts. It is also possible to measure the thickness of plastic, quartz, glass or ceramics using KS capacitive sensors. These sensors can also be used for many other functions, for example as a reference system for other distance sensors.

For individual requirements which go beyond the service spectrum of standard KS series sensors, WayCon Positionsmesstechnik is able to produce customised probes specific to the customer"s needs.

Further information in our data sheet.

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