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Capacitive Sensors KS – contactless, precise, robust

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kapacitive application

We have extended our product portfolio with a product series of KS capacitive sensors. These are used for contactless measurement using the capacitive principle. The sensor and the object to be measured form the “plates” of an electrical capacitator. The change in capacitance is measured and the electronics give 0…10 V analogue signals, which are proportional to the change in capacitance of the stroke. The measuring range of the KS sensors ranges from 0 to 10 mm, providing the highest degree of accuracy under a variety of operating conditions. The low carrier frequency enables measurements of materials from a microohm level to kiloohm level (μOhm cm bis > 1000 Ohm cm), without the need for specific recalibration.

The KS sensors are particularly useful in measurements of case hardened shafts in the engineering industry, as their fluctuations do not affect microstructural composition. It is virtually impossible to measure shaft displacement in the oil of a plain bearing using another method.

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