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Miniature ultrasonic sensor

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FocusBEAM miniature ultrasonic sensor with smallest 5mm tip

The ultrasonic sensors series UFA-150-FB are equipped with a focusing device made of glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene, which makes the sound beam particularly narrow. Therefore they are suitable in the near range up to 150 mm to watch into narrow cavities. A typical application is measuring a liquid level in small tubes or containers.

  • Measuring range 0…150 mm
  • no blind zone
  • very narrow detection beam
  • level measurement in cavities so small as 4 mm diameter
  • Teach-In
  • Binary or analog outputs

All new is the tip of the sensor with a record diameter of only 5mm. This enables to look into even smaller orifices. Since the sensor has no blind zone, one can approach the aperture very close.

More information in the data sheet.

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