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KS capacitive sensors

Capacitive Sensors

KS capacitive sensors - high precision under difficult operating conditions[more]

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New: Magnetostrictive Transducer MAP

[Translate to Englisch:] Magnetostriktiver Sensor MAP

compact profile construction and adjustable mounting bracket[more]

Category: News

New Product - Magnetostrictive Transducer MOP

Magnetostrictive Transducer MOP specially for pneumatic cylinders[more]

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Capacitive Sensors KS – contactless, precise, robust

kapacitive application

We have extended our product portfolio with a product series of KS capacitive sensors. These are used for contactless measurement using the capacitive principle. The sensor and the object to be measured form the “plates” of an...[more]

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Ultrasonic sensor UPR-A - ATEX accredited

Ultrasonic Sensor UPR-A

The new ultrasonic sensor UPR-A for the ATEX-Zone 2 and 22[more]

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