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Category: Press

Draw wire sensors in mobile applications

The relevance of precise position detection is growing in the mobile hydraulics market. Exact positioning of stabiliser legs on crane trucks, for example, is essential to ensure the physical integrity of people and machinery....[more]

Category: Press

Accurately lifted loads

[Translate to EN:] Seilzugsensor SX80 in der Hebetechnik

The draw-wire sensor SX80 for lifting technology[more]

Category: Press

Measuring filling levels in automated Industry 4.0

Waycon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH is ideally equipped for the future[more]

Category: Press

Robust, simple, precise - the Draw Wire Sensor SX300

[Translate to Englisch:] Seilzugsensor SX300

With the SX300, WayCon offers cylinder manufacturers a low-cost and easy-to-install way to measure the piston stroke of large cylinders[more]

Category: Press

Flexible, precise, compact - LAS laser sensors

[Translate to Englisch:] LAS Lasersensor Anwendung

WayCon offers the correct laser sensor for all application areas and industries with its LAS sensors[more]

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