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Data Sheets and CAD Data

Here you can download data sheets and CAD data sorted by products groups.

Product catalogs

Product overviewPDF-document
Draw wire sensors


Laser sensorsPDF-document
Linear potentiometersPDF-document
Magnetostrictive transducersPDF-document
Ultrasonic sensorsPDF-document
Hydraulic sensorsPDF-Document

Laser Displacement Transducers

Products Data sheets CAD Files
Laser Displacement Transducer LAS LAS LAS series
Laser Displacement Transducer LAM LAM

LAM-S_F series

Laser Displacement Transducer LLD150 LLD150 LLD150 series
Laser Displacement Transducer LLD500LLD500
Laser Displacement Transducer LAV LAV LAV series
Laser Displacement Transducer LARLARLAR series
Laser Displacement Transducer LAH-G1LAH-G1

Linear Potentiometers

Products Data sheets CAD FILES
Linear Potentiometer LRW LRW LRW series
Linear Potentiometer LZW LZW LZW series
Linear Potentiometer LMI/LMI12/LME LMI/LMI12/LME

LMI12 series

LME12 series

Linear Potentiometer LRW1 LRW1 LRW1 series
Linear Potentiometer LZW1 LZW1 LZW1 series
Linear Potentiometer LMI12-SE/ SL LMI12-SE/ SL LMI12-SE series
Linear Potentiometer LZW2 LZW2 LZW2 series
Linear Potentiometer LRW2, LRW3



LRW2 series

LRW3 series

Linear Potentiometer LMS18 LMS18 on request
Linear Potentiometer LSW LSW LSW series
Linear Potentiometer LZW2-IP LZW2-IP LZW2-IP series
Signal Conditioner PMX-24 PMX Signal conditioner PMX

Magnetostrictive Transducers

Products Data sheets CAD Files
Magnetostrictive Transducer MAB MAB MAB series
Magnetostrictive Transducer MAZ MAZ on request
Magnetostrictive Transducer MSB MSB MSB series

Magnetostrictive Transducer MOP

MOPon request

Magnetostrictive Transducer MAP

MAPon request

Ultrasonic Distance Sensors

Products Data sheets CAD Files
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor UFP, UPA-6000 UFP, UPA-6000 UFP series
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor UFA-1500 UFA-1500 on request
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor UFA200, UFA150FB, UFA150CP UFA200, UFA150FB, UFA150CP UFA series
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor UPT UPT on request
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor UX Micro 150, UX Micro 500 Ux micro 150, Ux micro 500 UX micro series
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor UN500, UN1000, UN2500, UN5000 UN500, UN1000, UN2500, UN5000 UN series
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor UPR-A ATEX UPR-A ATEX
on request
Ultrasonic Fork Sensor UBA-AT-30, UBA-AT-40 UBA-AT-30, UBA-AT-40 on request

Capacitive Sensors

Products Data sheets CAD FILES
Capacitive Sensor K Series on request

Display Controls

Products Data sheets CAD Files
Display Control PAXP, DP PAX P, DP on request
Display Control WAY-D WAY-D WAY series
Display Control WAY-AXWAY-AXon request
Display Control WAY-DX WAY-DX on request
Display Control WAY-SSIWAY-SSIWAY series
Display Control PAXI PAXI on request
Display Control PAXD PAXD on request
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