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Unpacking and checking:
Carefully lift the device out of the box by grabbing the housing. Do not pull the rope. After unpacking the device, check it for any visible damage as a result of rough handling during the shipment. Check the delivery for completeness.
If necessary consult the transportation company, or contact WayCon directly for further assistance.

Mount the sensor at the designated place by using the fixing holes before extracting the rope and before attaching the rope to the measuring target.
The sensor is usually installed by using the regular mounting plate. By disassembling the mounting plate, 4 threads (2 x M3, 2 x M5) will become visible in the sensor housing for alternative installation. Sensors with option rope outlet S2 and S3 have a modified base plate.
Open the rope clip after the sensor is fully mounted and carefully extract the measuring rope. Hook the rope clip on the measuring target and close the bracket of the clip. For safety reasons put a screw driver through the clip to extract the rope.

Handling the wire rope

The rope must be extracted from the sensor vertically.


Use a deflection pulley if required.


Do not pull on the rope directly. This will buckle the rope. Do not operate the sensor if the rope
is buckled or damaged. A ripping of the rope may lead to injuries or a damaging of the sensor.


When installing or operating the sensor, take care not to let the rope snap back by mistake or
extract the rope over the specified measurement range, as this might destroy the sensor.


Avoid guiding the rope over edges or corners.


The maximum variation from the vertical is 3°. Avoid carefully extracting the rope at an
inclination, since the durability of the instrument would shorten considerably.
If it is not possible to keep the limit of 3°, a deflection pulley has to be used.



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