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Capacitive Sensors KS

Capacitive Sensors KS – contactless, precise, robust

21.11.2014 - We have extended our product portfolio with a product series of KS capacitive sensors. These are used for contactless measurement using the capacitive principle. The sensor and... [more]

Ultrasonic sensor UPR-A with ATEX protection

Ultrasonic sensor UPR-A - ATEX accredited

11.12.2014 - The new ultrasonic sensor UPR-A for the ATEX-Zone 2 and 22 ... [more]

Laser Distance Sensor LAS

Laser sensors LAS - Flexible, precise, compact

21.11.2014 - LAS sensors for all application areas and industries... [more]

Measuring wheels and spring encoder arms

Measuring wheels and spring encoder arms for Encoder

04.09.2014 - New accessories for WayCon encoders: measuring wheels and a spring encoder arm... [more]

Draw wire sensor SX300

Draw wire sensor SX300 for hydraulic cylinder

29.08.2014 - With the SX300, cylinder manufacturers have an easy-to-install and affordable way of measuring the piston stroke of large cylinders.... [more]

Signal Conditioner PMX-24

Signal converter PMX

17.03.2014 - Our proven and tested signal converter PMX for potentiometer signals has been equipped with new functions which allow for even safer operation... [more]


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