Digital magnetic scales MXW/MXI – for extremely large measuring ranges

Digital magnetic scales MXW and MXI


Industrial applications, such as in metal- and woodworking, among other things require measuring great distances. Typical applications include plant and mechanical engineering, for example controlling cutters or portal milling machines. The MXW/MXI series sensors by WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH can measure ranges up to 100 m. The MXW/MXI magnetic scales consists of a robust linear magnetic tape on a mounting surface and a digital sensor head. It slides along the tape without contact, meaning no wear. It is resistant to chips, slivers and even dust, an additional benefit over optical systems.

The mounting distance between the magnetic tape and sensor is variable up to 2 mm ensuring the flexible sensor head is also reliable, even with particles in between. MXW series sensors have a signal period of 1000 µm or 2000 µm and with a sine-Cosine 1Vpp real-time output. The different sensor heads in the MXI series feature impressively high resolutions from 0.5 µm to 50 µm and output an HTL or TTL signal. The output can then either be fed into a control unit or a position display to process or read the measurements. Magnetic scale sensors by WayCon are rated IP67.


Technical Data: Data sheet MXW / MXI

More Information: Magnetic Scales


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