Have you met TEDS?

TEDS connector with LVDT and draw wire sensor


TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) plugs store sensor data like a conventional data sheet. Connected to a measuring amplifier, all required information about the sensor can be read out quickly, easily, and directly.

High-precision position sensors and displacement transducers from WayCon can be easily connected to HBM's amplifiers via the TEDS options. Inductive absolute measurement probes with an accuracy in the micrometre range can be read out in plug and play mode.

WayCon offers the TEDS SUB-D connector for analogue measurement signals such as voltage or current signals. The TEDS module is integrated directly into the sensor connector. WayCon's TEDS connectors are compatible with a Quantum MX840B or MX440B. The data is read out via the free MX Assistant software from HBM.

The basic option TD offers a pre-assembled TEDS connector without further programming and can therefore be freely programmed by the customer. With option TDP, all important information and characteristic values such as start/end point, article and serial number are stored by WayCon on the TEDS connector. Compared to the TDP option, the TDPS option differs in that not only the starting point and end point are stored, but a total of 35 interpolation points.

The programming of the TEDS can be overwritten by the customer at any time. This enables an adaptation of the designations, characteristic values and a recalibration, directly on site. TEDS are not proprietary and are based on the IEEE 1451.4 standard, which is offered by numerous manufacturers.

Especially in systems where several sensors are integrated at the same time, TEDS connectors simplify monitoring and handling. The connectors are assembled on series-produced sensors and cables and measurement can begin immediately after individual configuration.

Technical information: data sheet TEDS.

Further information of sensors: product page LVDT and product page draw wire sensors.


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