New: Laser sensor LLD-500

Laser sensor LLD-500


Laser distance sensor for hot surfaces and light environments

The distance sensor LLD-500 was developed specially for hot surfaces and light environments. It can measure from a distance of up to 500 m. The digital outputs RS232, RS422, RS485 enable quick and easy further processing of measurement data. The parameter setting can be performed directly on the sensor, without the need for an additional PC. The selection of individual menu items is done using four membrane keys, 2 above and 2 below the OLED display. 3 switch outputs and a trigger input are also integrated. The trigger input can also be used as a trigger output, e.g. to connect 2 LLD-500s.

  • Measurement range from 0.15 to 500 m
  • Resolution max.: ±0.1 mm
  • Precision max. ±1 mm
  • Direct analogue output: 4...20 mA
  • Digital outputs: RS232, RS422, RS485
  • Operating temperature range: -40...+60 °C
  • Protection category IP67
  • Selectable measurement frequency: adjustable up to 100 Hz

This series is discontinued. Alternative sensors can be found here.


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