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As a manufacturer, we take it for granted that you must be supplied with products of the highest possible quality.
Draw wire sensors: excellent linearity across the entire measurement range. The sensors are also ideal for dynamic industry applications in tough environmental conditions.
These sensors produce dynamic high-resolution and precision measurements. The visible laser beam allows precise alignment on even the smallest of objects.
A powerful signal converter with high interference resistance, minimal signal noise and cable breakage detection. It is also galvanically isolated, of course.
Ultrasound sensors require no contact in order to work and are impervious to water, dirt, dust and chemicals. Even problematic surfaces, like liquids can reliably be detected.
About us

WayCon specialises in precision distance measurement systems and professional sensor technology for industry and research. We develop and manufacture highly accurate sensors for a wide range of requirements to serve the needs of customers worldwide through our network of distributors.

Seraching for custom-made solutions

established standard sensors or custom-made solutions to meet special demands? We are here to assist with professional advice. Our sensors have proven their quality in countless applications and will provide the perfect solution to your needs too.

Delivery of high-quality sensors

high-quality sensors for position, displacement and distance measurement and diagnostic vibration analysis, from prototype to series production. Take inspiration from our ideas and experience in a wide range of applications and make the most of our flexibility.


extremely reliable measurements, whichever sensor you choose. Our success is built on specialist technical advice, on-time delivery and high-quality products.



Absolut Analog Magnetic Scales MXAX and MXAZ

The MXAX and MXAZ magnetic scales are absolute linear measuring systems for minor linear...

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News Overview

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