Agricultural machinery and sensors

Agricultural machinery and sensors

With an annual production value of more than €70 billion and in excess of 250,000 farms, the agricultural sector is an important component of the German economy. The targeted use of sensors on agricultural machinery and forestry machines maximises efficiency and productivity. Position sensors from WayCon measure the path and distance exactly, enabling processes to be automated. Effective use of sensors can therefore help optimise time and resources.

Further information are provided in our brochure for agricultural machinery.

Pallet forks with draw-wire sensors

In industrial livestock farming, pallet forks are used as attachments for tractors for transporting feed. Draw-wire sensors are used to measure and control the raising and lowering of the pallet forks. When it comes to storing and stacking hay bales in particular, the ability to control the attachments precisely speeds up the work process, saving time and money.

Draw Wire Sensors MH60

Draw Wire Sensors MH60

Ranges from 1000 to 4000 mm
Linearity max. ±0.1 %
Output analog 0...5 V, 0...10 V, 4...20 mA, Potentiometer, optional redundant
Output digital CANopen, optional redundant
Protection class IP67 (optional IP69K)
Download Data sheet MH60

Combine harvester with encoders

Combine harvesters are harvesting machines that are used to cut and thresh grain. Modern combine harvesters make it possible to harvest grain on a huge scale. Angle sensors, such as the WPH series with its wear-free Hall-effect sensor element, are installed in the cutting unit to monitor whether the cutting angle and alignment are correct. This is crucial in ensuring that the cutter bar always remains in the optimum position to guarantee consistent harvesting performance. Angle sensors are also used in the steering systems of self-propelled mowers.

Analog Rotary Sensor WPH

Analog Rotary Sensor WPH

Output 0.5...4.5 V, 0...5 V
Sensor element hall effect
Diameter housing ø40 mm, ø60 mm
Protection class IP67 (housing), IP65 (shaft)
Shaft solid shaft
Download Data sheet WPH

Field sprayers with ultrasonic sensors

Field sprayers are agricultural machines that are used to apply pesticides and fertilisers. The height control mechanism of the spray booms relies on ultrasonic sensors and is important to ensuring the product is applied as evenly as possible. Maintaining the optimum distance from crops and soil reduces costs and protects the environment. Ultrasonic sensors can also be used to automate field sprayers.

Ultrasonic Sensors UFP

Ultrasonic Sensors UFP

Ranges up to 3500 mm
Resolution max. 0.125 mm
Linearity max. ±0.3 %
Protection class IP65, IP67
Output 0...10 V, 4...20 mA, switching output
Housing cylindric M12x1, M18x1, M30x1
Download Data sheet UFP

Disc harrow with linear potentiometer

Disc harrows are used in farming to plough up and aerate the soil. This encourages volunteer grains to germinate more quickly. Linear potentiometers are mounted on disc harrows to ensure efficient soil cultivation. The durable linear sensors measure the alignment of the harrow and use this to determine the cultivation depth. Optimum alignment can increase the operating speed and reduce the amount of working time.

Linear Potentiometer LZW-IP

Linear Potentiometer LZW-IP

Type Cylindrical, self-aligning rod end bearing
Ranges 50 - 750 mm
Linearity max. ±0.05 %
Protection class max. IP67
Displacement speed ≤5 m/s (IP65), ≤3 m/s (IP67)
Operating temperature -30...+100 °C
Material Aluminium housing, stainless steel rod (IP65), chrome steel rod (IP67)
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Grape harvester with magnetostrictive sensors

Grape harvesters are self-propelled machines that are used to harvest grapes. Careful handling of the delicate grapes is of the utmost importance, but the vines must not be exposed to too much stress either. Magnetostrictive sensors are used to adjust the shaking rods and the guidance system. The precise sensors ensure that grapes and vines are not damaged during the harvest.

Magnetostrictive Transducer MSB

Magnetostrictive Sensor MSB

Ranges 50 - 2500 mm
Resolution max. 10 µm
Linearity max. ±0.02 %
Displacement speed < 10 m/s
Analog output 0.1 - 10.1 V, 0.1 - 5.1 V, 4 - 20 mA
Voltage supply 24 VDC ±20 %, (12 VDC for output, 0.1...5.1 VDC) output
Protection class IP67
Operating temperatur -30...+90 °C
Operating pressure up to 350 bar
Magnetic cursor magnetic cursor
Download Data sheet MSB

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