Ultrasonic sensors - applications

Ultrasonic transducers are used typically in applications to measure the level or the distance. Especially in the level measurement ultrasonic sensors are used because they are quick and easy to implement. Furthermore, the variety of housing variants of these transducers allows them to be used in many different constructions.

Ultrasonic sensors by WayCon for continuous distance detection have a high protection class of up to IP67 and a measurement range of up to 6000 mm.

Ultrasonic Sensor - level measurement

Level measurement and distance measurement occur in all sectors of industry. In fully automated bottling plants many different substances are filled into containers of various shapes. For a smooth process permanent level controls with distance sensors are needed.

The beverage industry must control if the bottles have been filled successfully prior to sealing them.

In the sweets industry the correct filling of confectionery must be controlled.

Ultrasonic sensors are well suited for level monitoring and control. This is due to the fact that the sensors measure the level of both liquid and solid material no matter the colour.

Biogas plant

Biogas plants produce biogas by fermenting biomass, mostly animal excrements and plants. The biogas is usually fed into on-site cogeneration plants to generate electricity and heat. The microbial process (anaerobic degradation) of biomass is the basis for the generation of digester gases such as landfill gas, sewer gas, swamp gas and biogas.

The gas volume in the corresponding containers is detected by means of ultrasonic sensors. A tarpaulin is stretched over the tank, which expands as the gas volume increases. The ultrasonic sensor is mounted above the tarpaulin. The sensor measures the decreasing distance between the tarpaulin and itself. In conjunction with a control unit, the control system is informed when the maximum capacity has been reached.


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