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Laser Sensors LAS-T5 – Ready for Industry 4.0

Laser Sensors LAS-T5 – Ready for Industry 4.0

02.04.2019 - The distance sensors of the LAS-T5 series from WayCon Positionsmesstechnik enable reliable, reproducible measurements, e.g. for factory automation, in keeping with the Industry 4.0 theme. Alongside positional measurements... [more]

Magnetostrictive transducer MSB – ready for the future with a very compact size

Magnetostrictive transducer MSB – ready for the future with a very compact size

08.01.2019 - The magnetostrictive sensors of the MSB series from WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH impress with their extremely small and robust design... [more]

ZX draw wire sensors – the smallest of their kind

Draw wire sensors ZX – the smallest of their kind

04.12.2018 - The ZX series sensors by WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH are the smallest draw wire sensors in the world. The longest edge of the anodised aluminium housing measures little more than the diameter of a one cent coin... [more]

Draw wire sensor SX50

Draw Wire Sensor SX50 – Maximum flexibility and immediate availability

29.10.18 - The SX draw wire series by WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH has a robust, compact design, which sets it apart from conventional sensors. This ensures reliable position... [more]

Draw wire transducer MH60

Draw Wire Sensor MH60 – effective application in harsh environments

11.04.2018 - High demands are made on sensors, particularly in the area of mobile hydraulic applications. There is a growing demand for precise measuring processes in the area of mobile hydraulics, given that... [more]

Magnetic Scales MXAX and MXAZ

Absolut analog Magnetic Scales MXAX and MXAZ

12.01.2018 - The MXAX and MXAZ magnetic scales are absolute linear measuring systems for minor linear displacements up to 1250 mm. They’re ideal for harsh environmental conditions (heavy-duty sensor)... [more]

Digital Length Gauges

Digital length gauges - extremely accurate and versatile

10.11.2017 - WayCon Positionsmesstechnik has added digital length gauges from the HEIDENHAIN SPECTO (ST) and METRO (MT) series to its product range. The length gauges feature an outstanding accuracy of up to ±0.2... [more]

Laser Displacement Sensor LAH-G1

Laser sensor LAH-G1 - optical distance sensors with measurement value display

08.08.2017 - The analogue laser sensor LAH-G1 is setting new standards in optical distance measurement. Thanks to its sophisticated CMOS line sensor, the LAH-G1 series gives particularly... [more]

Signal Converter VTS-Box

Signal conditioner VTS-Box – for increased measurement efficiency

04.04.2017 - The VTS-Box by WayCon Positionsmesstechnik is a signal conditioner, specially developed for sensors, that use a potentiometer as sensor element... [more]

Teaching Sensors

Roman numeral

28.03.2017 - Perhaps a clever Roman took a look at his right hand 2769 years ago and derived a numerical system based on it which is used to this very day - we still can’t say for sure. However, what is certain is that... [more]


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