Precise sensor technology for position and distance measurement

Sensors for Distance & Position

Sensors for Distance & Position

High-quality sensors: precise and reliable position measurement of objects in all areas of the industry.

Draw Wire Sensors
Digital Length Gauges
Digital Linear Scales
Linear Potentiometers
Encoders and Rotary Transducers

contactless sensors

Contactless sensors

Flexibility & Reliability: Non-contact sensor technologies leave more freedom for applications that requires tight tolerances.

Laser Sensors
Ultrasonic Sensors
Magnetostrictive Transducers
Magnetic Scales
Inductive Sensors
Capacitive Sensors



Highest safety and professional measurement results: for each sensor signal the optimal solution with a variety of output types.

Display Controls
Signal Conditioners


New: Ultrasonic sensor series UFA2 - Miniature distance sensors and proximity switches

New: Ultrasonic sensor series UFA2 - Miniature distance sensors and proximity switches

As the successor of the UFA series, the ultrasonic sensors of the UFA2 series offer improved linearity (<0.4 % compared to <1 %) while maintaining the same measuring range of 20...200 mm. Unlike their predecessors ... [more]

Inductive sensor LVDT LVPH - for hydraulic applications

Inductive sensor LVDT LVPH - for hydraulic applications

With high quality inductive displacement transducers, WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH demonstrates that precise sensors can also be used in harsh industrial environments. The inductive sensor LVDT LVPH ... [more]

New: Laser distance sensor LDI – reliable measurement of long distances

New: Laser distance sensor LDI - reliable measurement of long distances

The laser distance sensor series LDI quickly and reliably measures long distances up to 150 m, even under challenging conditions, with highest precision of up to ±1 mm. Not even dark measuring surfaces are... [more]

New: Inductive Sensor LVDT LVIG

New: Inductive Sensor LVDT LVIG

The LVDT inductive sensor LVIG by WayCon is 20 mm in diameter and is made from nickel-plated steel. The rugged design and guided transducer bar allow for measuring ranges up to... [more]

In-House manufacturing

about us

WayCon specialises in precision distance measurement systems and professional sensor technology for industry and research. We develop and manufacture highly accurate sensors for a wide range of requirements to serve the needs of customers worldwide through our network of distributors. [more]

are you looking for - WayCon

established standard sensors or custom-made solutions to meet special demands? We are here to assist with professional advice. Our sensors have proven their quality in countless applications and will provide the perfect solution to your needs too. [more]

Delivery of high-quality sensors - WayCon

high-quality sensors for position, displacement and distance measurement and diagnostic vibration analysis, from prototype to series production. Take inspiration from our ideas and experience in a wide range of applications and make the most of our flexibility. [more]


extremely reliable measurements, whichever sensor you choose. Our success is built on specialist technical advice, on-time delivery and high-quality products. [more]


Waycon adheres to its principles of quality management in the Code of Conduct.


WayCon dispenses with the use of environmentally hazardous packaging materials.

Human Rights

In addition to the respect for fundamental rights, WayCon attaches importance to the renunciation of child labor.


Each employee contributes to compliance with Waycon compliance policies.

Sales through international partners

WayCon products are distributed beyond Germany, through our international partners. In this way, our products can be purchased in Brazil, France, Great Britain, Russia, the USA and many other countries in Asia, America, Europe, Australia and also in Africa.

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WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH


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