Contactless Inductive Sensors

Non-contact Inductive Sensors

Non-contact inductive sensors generate a high-frequency electromagnetic field. Eddy currents are generated in metallic measuring objects within this field, which lead to a change in inductance. This distortion of the inductance is in turn influenced by the distance, the material and the size of the object. The sensor detects the change in inductance and converts it into a proportional output signal.

Inductive Sensors ISZL

Inductive Sensors ISZL

Measurement range0...6 mm, 0...8 mm, 0...24 mm
Linearity max.±0.025 mm
Resolution max.0.01 mm
Output analog4...20 mA, 0...10 V
Protection classIP67
DownloadData sheet ISZL
Installation guide ISZL
CAD-Data (on request)
Inductive Sensor ISZH

Inductive Sensor ISZH

Measurement range0...2 mm
Linearity max.±60 µm
Resolution max.0.012 µm
Output analog0...20 mA
Protection classIP67
DownloadData sheet ISZH
Installation guide ISZH
CAD-Data (on request)
Inductive Sensor ISIP

Inductive Sensors ISIP

Measurement range0...7 mm
Linearity max.±0.35 mm
Resolution max.0.005 mm
Output analog4...20 mA
Protection classIP68/IP69K
DownloadData sheet ISIP
Installation guide ISIP
CAD-Data (on request)

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