Encoder - applications

Encoder and rotary transducers measure the rotation angle and usually provide digital output signals which are decoded by an evaluation unit. Therefore, the encoder is also called rotary transducer.

Rotary sensors are used in all areas of industry. Especially in the processing industry such as metal construction. Encoders are used in milling machines, CNC-machines, motors and many other machines. Rotary transducers with incremental measurement or absolute measurement are predestined to detect the angular change of objects and measure their position.

Position measurement - robot arm

In the manufacturing industry the automation of manufacturing processes is progressing. The goal is usually to achieve a completely autonomous production. Work steps that had to be done in laborious manual work, is fulfil by complex machines today. Robotic arms play a crucial role here. These are highly dynamic and can be automated or manually controlled by a user. Rotary encoders measure the angular changes of the individual joints and transmit their position directly to the control unit. By programming the access positions, the human becomes unnecessary as an active operator.

In addition to the industry, medical surgeries are already being carried out using robotic arms. This makes it possible for a heart specialist from the USA to operate a robotic arm in Germany and carry out the surgery there. This is only possible by precise control of the position of the robot arm elements.

Sluice gates

Sluices (ship locks or boat locks) are used in waterways to enable vessels to be moved to different water levels. The process of raising or lowering the water level is called “sluicing”.

Sluice gates hold the water back to lower the water level or lock it in during the sluicing process to raise the water level. Rotary transducers measure the position of the sluice gates and monitor the closing and opening process.


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