Velocity sensors

Velocity sensors by WayCon developed for industrial applications measure the distance travelled per time unit. Velocity is measured in a linear manner on an axis, where the sensor emits a signal proportionate to the speed. Like distance sensors, velocity sensors are subject to various physical measurement principles which have their strengths and weaknesses. 

Speed sensors particularly serve to monitor travel distances in automated processes, such as for cranes, supplying significant information that is vital to automated warehouse management. Speed sensors are also utilised in numerous other areas, including the paper industry, to measure the differential speed between stock flow and sieve.


Velocity sensor VX-Series

Travel rangeup to 42.5 m
Velocity measurement max.10 m/s
Accuracy max. ±1 %
Protection classIP65 (optional IP67)
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Installation guide
Draw wire sensor HX

HX-V/VP with speed output

Rangesupt o 20.3 m
Linearity max. ±0.1 %
Output analogTachometer, 0...10 V, 4...20 mA, Potentiometer
Protection classIP65 (optional IP68)
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CAD-Data (on request)
Magnetostrictive Velocitiy Transducer MAB-A-C

Magnetostrictive Transducer MAB-A

Ranges50 - 2500 mm
Resolution max.2 µm
Measured value position / speed
Linearity max.±0.01 %
Displacement speed< 10 m/s
Analog output0 - 10 V, 4 - 20 mA
Voltage supply24 VDC ±20 %
Protection classIP67
Operating temperature -30..+75 °C
Magnetic cursorsilding cursor, floating cursor
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