Linear potentiometer - applications

The variety of applications for linear potentiometers is very large. This is because of the rich diversity of housings and their high protection class. Linear potentiometers are used for length measurement in many laboratories and as well in industrial applications. The sensors are easy to install and offer precise measurement values even under difficult conditions. Linear potentiometers are well suited for the use in precision engineering as well as the common engineering.

Measurement of spring travel

The measurement of spring travel is always an important topic at the bicycle and motorcycle sport. Whether you have to master a path covered with roots and stones on a mountain bike or drive through the terrain with a motocross machine. The optimal spring fork is a must have. To be prepared for every challenge the springs have to be measured thoroughly.

BMW has been using WayCon’s linear potentiometers and hydraulic sensors for this measurement tasks for years.

Linear potentiometer - stroke measurement

The monitoring of cylinders by means of position sensors is of high importance during automated production processes. The stroke movement is measured by linear potentiometers. These linear sensors are mounted externally to a hydraulic cylinder and provide a signal proportional to the stroke movement. The linear hydraulic sensor LMI12 can be installed directly inside of a hydraulic cylinder. The control system compares the target stroke with the actual stroke. This ensures the process safety. The transducer LMI12 is available for hydraulic cylinders and for pneumatic cylinders. The sensors provide reliable measurement value even at high pressure.


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