inductive sensors

Inductive Sensors and LVDT

Inductive sensors generate a high-frequency electromagnetic field near the sensing face. This field changes depending on metallic objects within the field. The change is in turn influenced by the distance, the material and the size of the object. The sensor detects the change in the electromagnetic field and converts it into a proportional output signal.

Another form of inductive sensors are the LVDTs, which resemble length gauges. LVDTs consist of a electric non-coupled primary- and secondary coil. These coils can be wound side by side or on top of each other, dependent on the design of the LVDT. They are coupled with a ferromagnetical core, according to the transformer-principle. The signal of the secondary winding is formed by the difference of the inverse deviated coils. The primary coil is energized by alternating voltage and induce a voltage in the secondary coil, which is in core equal to zero. The displacement of the core changes the measurement voltage proportional to the measured way.

LVDTs will soon be part of our product range again.

Inductive Sensors ISZL

Inductive Sensors ISZL

Measurement range0...6 mm, 0...8 mm, 0...24 mm
Linearity max.±0.025 mm
Resolution max.0.01 mm
Output analog4...20 mA, 0...10 V
Protection classIP67
DownloadData sheet ISZL
Installation guide ISZL
CAD-Data (on request)
Inductive Sensor ISZH

Inductive Sensor ISZH

Measurement range0...2 mm
Linearity max.±60 µm
Resolution max.0.012 µm
Output analog0...20 mA
Protection classIP67
DownloadData sheet ISZH
Installation guide ISZH
CAD-Data (on request)

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