Innovative new product SX50-F36S by WayCon: versatile draw wire encoder mechanics for encoder mounting

draw wire encoder mechanics


WayCon, a leading provider of high-quality metrology solutions, presents its latest development: the draw wire encoder mechanics SX50-F36S. This innovative product solution adds to the portfolio of high-quality metrology components and offers industrial customers a wide range of possible applications.

The SX50-F36S draw wire mechanics was specially developed for mounting of encoders with synchro flanges by the customer, which allows it to be adapted to various requirements. Thanks to its compatibility with a wide range of encoders, angle transmitters and rotary encoders, SX50-F36S opens up new sales opportunities for encoder manufacturers looking to expand their product portfolio, as well as companies seeking tailored OEM solutions. The high-quality processing and sophisticated design make it an excellent choice for demanding industrial applications.

One of the outstanding features of the SX50-F36S is its versatility when it comes to encoder mounting. The robust, compact housing of the draw wire mechanics allows it to be used in challenging environments and guarantees reliable performance. The installation and commissioning of the SX50-F36S are quick and easy, allowing you to save time and effort. The encoders to be mounted require a shaft length of 12.5 mm and a shaft diameter of 6 mm. The standard synchro flange diameter of 36.5 mm (centering collar 33.1 mm) enables use of many different rotary encoders with a wide range of output signals.

The SX50-F36S allows measuring ranges of up to 1250 mm to be achieved. If the application requires larger measuring lengths, the other draw wire mechanics series can be used. The SX135-F58K series allows measuring lengths of up to 42.5 m.

The SX50-F36S can be added to stock and thus offers rapid availability for the relevant output signal, which is especially valuable in time-critical projects. The option to mount various encoders on the draw wire mechanics opens up many application scenarios for our customers and allows them to develop innovative solutions.

Technical specifications for the draw wire encoder mechanics can be found in the data sheet SX mechanics.

For more information on draw wire ecnoders, see the product page draw wire sensors.


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