Draw Wire Sensor SX80 - Safety for modern mobile cranes

Draw wire encoder SX80


The Draw Wire Sensor SX80 is a cost effective and flexible solution for the safe use of mobile cranes in all areas of the industry. WayCon offers an efficient way to control legally permissible load torques and to avert the dangers of tipping or falling over in doing so.

The core component of the draw wire sensor is an ultralight capstan which is connected to the test object via a steel wire rope. If the distance between the two changes, the steel wire rope is pulled out of the sensor, against the spring force, and is rolled off the capstan.

Using the output from the resulting analogue or digital values, the extension distance of the crane supports is determined. By taking further parameters into consideration, such as crane height, its angle of rotation and the transported hoisted load, the control system can calculate the necessary support width.

Only when all reference values have been secured can the crane work be carried out. The redundant use of cable sensors guarantees the safety of man and machine. Through its robust, compact construction and its interference immunity, the SX80 Cable Sensor from WayCon Positionsmesstechnik is able to offer an excellent range of application opportunities in the world of mobile cranes.

As the SX80 is also suitable for external retrofitting, there is no additional effort for the adjustment of the hydraulic cylinder. Customised versions and properties, for example with increased corrosion protection, offer the user the highest possible level of comfort.


Technical Data: data sheet SX80

More Information: Draw Wire Sensors


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