Roman numerals

Roman numerals


How Roman numerals are related to intelligent linear potentiometers.

Perhaps a clever Roman took a look at his right hand 2769 years ago and derived a numerical system based on it which is used to this very day - we still can’t say for sure. However, what is certain is that Semih Akisoglu, Senior Developer for analogue and digital circuits and member of the TTS team for WayCon Positionsmesstechnik, had these numerals in his head in 2016 when he developed a teach algorithm for sensor signals which is simple and brilliant in equal measures.

The analogue sensor signal of a linear potentiometer of the series LZW or draw wire sensor is firstly converted to 50,000 confidential digital values. The intelligent electronics enable a “compression” of the measuring range of up to approximately 50% in doing so. It is only the zero point and end point of the “new” measuring range which must be communicated to the sensor. Here is where Roman numerals come into play. The squeezer, an external box which is required for communicating initially with the intelligent electronics, consists of a button and an LED light. After the Squeezer has been shifted to teach mode, the LED runs through the Roman numerals from I to VI.

A useful function for the user is hidden behind each numeral. By simply pressing the button (“squeezing”) the upper and lower measuring point is applied, additional switching points are set and the delivery state is configured. Due to the rapid DA conversion, measuring values are available as a stable analogue output signal. Other intelligent electronic functions are in development.


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