Laser Displacement Sensor LAS2-TM - Powerful sensors in a compact design

Optical sensor LAS2-TM


Laser distance sensors of the LAS2-TM series impress with their high precision and their miniature housing.

The optical sensors measure precisely at distances of up to 500 mm and achieve a linearity of ±0.13 % in addition to a repeatability of 4 µm. If the full measuring range is not used, linearity and repeatability can be improved by so-called teaching. In this process, the exact measuring range limits are taught in and the accuracy is thus improved.

With a measuring frequency of 5 kHz, the sensors are also ideally suited for dynamic applications such as chassis monitoring in the automotive industry or tolerance checks in production engineering. Thanks to their high immunity to ambient light and a protection class of IP67, the optical sensors of the LAS2-TM series can also be used in demanding environmental conditions where other laser sensors fail. The analog output signal (4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 V) of the laser sensors can be read out and displayed directly without further electronics, e.g. by WayCon's WAY-AX digital displays.

Measurements with the LAS2-TM series are performed using the triangulation principle. The sensors are equipped with a laser emitter and a laser receiver. The laser beam sent by the emitter is reflected by the target object and detected by the receiver. The distance to the target object is determined by the angle of the reflected laser beam.

Technical information: data sheet LAS2-TM.

Further optical sensors: product page laser displacement sensors.


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