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Signal Converter VTS-Box

Signal conditioner VTS-Box – for increased measurement efficiency

04.04.2017 - The VTS-Box by WayCon Positionsmesstechnik is a signal conditioner, specially developed for sensors, that use a potentiometer as sensor element... [more]

Teaching Sensors

Roman numeral

28.03.2017 - Perhaps a clever Roman took a look at his right hand 2769 years ago and derived a numerical system based on it which is used to this very day - we still can’t say for sure. However, what is certain is that... [more]

Capazitive Sensors KS

Capacitive sensors KS – highly accurate even under difficult measurement circumstances

22.02.2017 - WayCon Positionsmesstechnik offers an excellent solution for measurement tasks, when high-resolution sensors are required to measure on challenging targets in difficult environments... [more]

Draw wire sensors in mobile applications

Draw wire sensors in mobile applications

21.10.2016 - The relevance of precise position detection is growing in the mobile hydraulics market. Exact positioning of stabiliser legs on crane trucks... [more]

Draw wire encoders in hoisting technology

Accurately lifted loads

08.04.2016 - Transporting heavy loads in industrial applications by physical strength is simply not possible as in the old days. Aids for lifting loads were already utilized in ancient times and still require continuous optimization... [more]

Sensors for level measurement

Measuring filling levels in automated Industry 4.0

31.07.2015 - An automated measurement of substance filling levels in storage containers is essential in Industry 4.0. For a secure and stable production process, continuous monitoring of filling levels... [more]

Draw wire sensor SX300

Draw Wire Sensor SX300 - robust, simple, precise

18.12.2014 - With the SX300, WayCon Positionsmesstechnik has developed an extremely robust draw wire sensor especially for stroke measurement in hydraulic and telescopic cylinders... [more]

Laser sensor LAS

Flexible, precise, compact - LAS laser sensors

09.12.2014 - With its sensor series LAS, WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH offers sensors which can meet any specific requirement: whether extremely compact or specifically for black surfaces... [more]

Draw wire encoder for mobile cranes

Draw Wire Sensor SX80 - Safety for modern mobile cranes

14.01.2014 - The Draw Wire Sensor SX80 is a cost effective and flexible solution for the safe use of mobile cranes in all areas of the industry... [more]


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