Touch Displays WAY-AX and WAY-DX

Touch Displays WAY-AX and WAY-DX


The innovative touch display series WAY-AX and WAY-DX for the process control in the manufacturing of high quality products.

Better usability by a wide range of models.


Process Indicator WAY-AX

► for two analog values or potentiometer input

► applicable as flow meter, level meter, pressure meter etc.

Digital Indicator WAY-DX

► for incremental encoder or sensor signals

► applicable as counter, position meter, tachometer, frequency meter, speed meter etc.

► additional functions e.g. timer, calculation of process time, reciprocal calculation

Better Visibility by a strong contrast & high resolution


Dot Matrix Display with 186 x 64 pixel

► clear text explanations and commands are providing an intuitive menu structure

► a wide range of units as well as any kind of symbols can be displayed


Three color LED-Backlight (green, yellow, red)

► color can be adjusted easily by just one parameter

► event depending color change, e. g. below limit, close limit, over limit

Better flexibility by touch & optional modules


Resistive Touch Panel with IP65 protection and enhanced temperature range (-20°C … 60°C)

► Suitable for rough environmental conditions

► Can be operated with any kind of working gloves, no limits on the used material

► Maximum flexibility by modular design



► 2 analog inputs (16 bit), 3 control inputs

► ±10 V / 0 … 20 mA / 4 … 20 mA

► accurate 10 V reference output for potentiometers

► mode for single, dual or cross calculated inputs

► totalization, tare, average filter, etc. for each input

► totalization of sum / difference of both inputs

► linearization with 24 set points for each input



► 2 incremental inputs (HTL), 3 control inputs

► for PNP, NPN or NAMUR sensors

► up to 250 kHz

► for speed, process time, timer, counter or velocity application

► linearization with 24 set points

► scaling, average filter, start up suppression


Technical Data: Data Sheet WAY-AX | Data Sheet WAY-DX

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