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Ultrasonic Sensors UPK

Ultrasonic Sensors UPK – Different housing styles for flexibility

27.06.2018 - WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH adds the UPK product line to its product range of ultrasonic sensors. The plastic or stainless steel housings are protected up to IP67 and feature... [more]

Draw wire transducer MH60

Draw Wire Sensor MH60 – effective application in harsh environments

11.04.2018 - High demands are made on sensors, particularly in the area of mobile hydraulic applications. There is a growing demand for precise measuring processes in the area of mobile hydraulics, given that... [more]

Digital Linear Scale DMO

Digital linear scale DMO – reliable measurement in rough environment

05.03.2018 - DMO series digital scales by WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH are accurate, magnetic length measuring devices. The full enclosure with IP65 rating keeps out dust, chips and water... [more]

Magnetic Scales MXW and MXI

Digital magnetic scales MXW/MXI – for extremely large measuring ranges

28.02.2018 - Industrial applications, such as in metal- and woodworking, among other things require measuring great distances. Typical applications include plant and mechanical engineering... [more]

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Magnetic Scales MXAX and MXAZ

Absolut analog Magnetic Scales MXAX and MXAZ

12.01.2018 - The MXAX and MXAZ magnetic scales are absolute linear measuring systems for minor linear displacements up to 1250 mm. They’re ideal for harsh environmental conditions (heavy-duty sensor)... [more]

Laser Displacement Sensor LAH-G1

Laser sensor LAH-G1 - optical distance sensors with measurement value display

08.08.2017 - The analogue laser sensor LAH-G1 is setting new standards in optical distance measurement. Thanks to its sophisticated CMOS line sensor, the LAH-G1 series gives particularly... [more]

Touch Displays WAY-AX and WAY-DX

Touch Displays WAY-AX and WAY-DX

27.06.2017 - The innovative touch display series WAY-AX and WAY-DX for the process control in the manufacturing of high quality products. Better usability by a wide range of... [more]

Linear potentiometer LRW2 and LRW3

Linear potentiometer LRW2/3 - Maximum precision with many measuring points

16.05.2017 - With the linear potentiometers of the series LRW2/LRW3, WayCon Positionsmesstechnik offers precise and cost-effective sensors that are used in test engineering to check... [more]

Signal Converter VTS-Box

Signal conditioner VTS-Box – for increased measurement efficiency

04.04.2017 - The VTS-Box by WayCon Positionsmesstechnik is a signal conditioner, specially developed for sensors, that use a potentiometer as sensor element... [more]


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