Draw wire sensor MH120 - Ideal for offshore and port applications

Offshore and harbor applications


Oil platforms, port facilities and offshore wind farms present a variety of challenges to sensitive equipment such as sensors. Temporary submersion and aggressive seawater stress the material and reduce the life span. The IAP option for draw wire sensors of the MH120 series is ideal for mastering these conditions. The sensors achieve optimum protection with a housing and a sealed spring package made of corrosion-resistant aluminium, which is additionally coated with Hartcoat®. Due to the high protection class of IP69K, the draw wire sensors can also be cleaned by using steam and high-pressure equipment.

Measuring lengths of up to 10 m with a linearity of up to ±0.1 % allow a wide variety of applications. The use of a wire rope made of Coramid or V4A stainless steel and the saltwater-resistant pulley UR4 also allow measurements to be taken below the water surface. The draw wire sensors are available with potentiometer output, the common analog outputs 4...20 mA, 0...5 V and 0...10 V as well as the digital output CANopen. These outputs are also available in redundant versions.

Technical data are available in the data sheet MH120
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Draw wire sensor MH120


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