Rope Cleaner RCS - for clean measurement results


The rope cleaner RCS solves an old problem of the sensor technology.

Draw wire encoders are cost-effective, precise sensors that have been used successfully in industry and research for many years. From patient alignment in MRI scanners to mobile construction cranes, draw-wire encoders reliably measure distance and position in a wide range of applications. Draw wire encoders owe their versatility primarily to their high measuring ranges of up to 50 m, their accuracy of up to 0.02 %, and their robustness with a protection class of up to IP67/IP69k. Furthermore, numerous options, such as increased seawater resistance and various rope attachments, allow for additional adaptation to almost any application.

Especially in applications with high dirt exposure, where optical systems such as laser sensors fail, draw wire encoders show their strength. The rope cleaner RCS can be used here as additional protection. The rope cleaner is placed on the sensor's rope tower and fastened with screws. Subsequent installation in an existing system is also possible. The rope cleaner removes dirt from the sensor's measuring rope with its spiral brush, thus preventing eventual damage. This increases the lifespan of the draw wire sensor and ensures reliable measurement over a long period of time.

The rope cleaner RCS is available for the draw wire sensor of the SX series and MH60 series.

The data sheets of the sensors can be found on the product page for draw wire sensors.


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