Draw wire sensors ZX - the smallest of their kind

ZX draw wire sensors – the smallest of their kind


The ZX series sensors by WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH are the smallest draw wire sensors in the world. The longest edge of the anodised aluminium housing measures little more than the diameter of a one cent coin. The sensor element determines distances, potentiometrically (ZX-PA) or via hall-effect transducer (ZX-HM), depending on the model, at a range of up to 38 mm. This very small measuring range with a linearity of ±1 % on both models, is ideal for extremely small applications.

With a repeatability of ±0.08 mm, the ZX-HM has a high resolution of 0.04 mm at a temperature range from -40 °C to +100 °C. Weighing a mere 15 g, the magnetic, and therefore touchless, measuring principle ensures a very long life of about 30 million cycles. The even 3 g lighter ZX-PA model also has a long life of approx. 10 million cycles, and can even be used in temperatures as low as -55 °C. This model features a repeatability of 0.03 % of the measuring range with a resolution which varies by the quality of the supply voltage.

ZX series draw wire sensors are extremely small, light and easy to implement. They are particularly suitable for applications where a lightweight or maximum performance in a very compact space are key, making them perfect for mobile applications, for example. They are used in special equipment, prototypes and automotive engineering, in medical engineering, and in research and development. One specific application, for example, is measuring the throttle valve adjustment in motors.


Technical Data: data sheet ZX

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