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DMO digital linear scale – reliable measurements in rough environments


DMO series digital scales by WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH are accurate, magnetic length measuring devices. The full enclosure with IP65 rating keeps out dust, chips and water...more


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Digital magnetic scales MXW/MXI – for extremely large measuring ranges

28.02.2018 -

Industrial applications, such as in metal- and woodworking, among other things require measuring great distances. Typical applications include plant and mechanical engineering,...more


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Touch Displays WAY-AX and WAY-DX

27.06.2017 -

The innovative touch display series WAY-AX and WAY-DX for the process control in the manufacturing of high quality products. Better usability by a wide range of...more


Linear Potentiometer LRW2/3
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Linear potentiometer LRW2/3 - Maximum precision with many measuring points

16.05.2017 -

With the linear potentiometers of the series LRW2/LRW3, WayCon Positionsmesstechnik offers precise and cost-effective sensors that are used in test engineering to check...more


trade fair Friedrichshafen 2017
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WayCon exhibiting at the “all about automation Friedrichshafen 2017” trade fair

10.03.2017 -

At this year's “all about automation Friedrichshafen 2017” trade fair WayCon presented the complete range of its sensors, applicable in any automation process. Positioning...more


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